What is Amazon BOPIS ? Revolutionizing Online Shopping with In-Store Pickup

In today’s digital era, convenience and speed are essential factors for customers when it comes to shopping. To bridge the gap between online and physical retail experiences, Amazon has introduced its own version of BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store). This innovative business model offers customers the flexibility of online shopping combined with the convenience of picking up their purchases at a nearby physical store. In this article from Pickup Amazon, we will delve into the concept of Amazon BOPIS, how it works, tips to enhance the BOPIS experience, customer expectations, the benefits it offers, and its overall impact on the retail landscape.

Amazon is an enormous force in the retail industry, dominating nearly 40% of US ecommerce retail spending, surpassing the combined market share of its 14 closest competitors. With over 200 million unique visitors per month on its US site, Amazon has established itself as a powerhouse in online shopping. Notably, more than 62% of the US population are Prime members, willingly paying for exclusive perks and privileges when shopping on Amazon.

The growing popularity of BOPIS is evident, as a recent study conducted by Shopify revealed that over 50% of adult shoppers embrace some form of BOPIS. Furthermore, when given the option for immediate in-store pickup, a staggering 67% of customers tend to add extra items to their shopping carts, illustrating the potential for increased sales and customer engagement through the BOPIS model.

What is Amazon BOPIS?

Amazon BOPIS, an acronym for “buy online, pick up in-store,” allows customers to shop online through the Amazon platform and collect their purchases from a designated physical store. This concept seamlessly merges the advantages of online shopping with the instant gratification of in-store pickup. By offering this service, Amazon aims to enhance customer convenience, improve operational efficiency, and provide a comprehensive shopping experience.

Amazon BOPIS vs Amazon Local Selling

Amazon Local Selling, a program introduced by Amazon, provides retailers and brands with the opportunity to tap into the vast reach of Amazon’s customer base and drive traffic to their physical retail locations. By participating in Amazon Local Selling, retailers can fulfill their Amazon orders from their own stores, fulfillment centers, or local facilities, offering customers the option of picking up their orders or using local last-mile delivery services.

This program aligns with the concept of BOPIS, as it allows customers to conveniently collect their purchases from nearby stores. Amazon Local Selling not only brings customers into physical stores but also enables retailers to build and maintain customer relationships, while potentially increasing revenue through additional in-store purchases. It provides a unique opportunity for retailers to leverage the power of Amazon’s platform to enhance their BOPIS strategy and overall retail experience.

How Amazon BOPIS works?

Amazon BOPIS functions through a streamlined process that ensures a seamless transition from online purchase to in-store pickup. Customers can browse the extensive Amazon catalog, select their desired products, and proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, customers can choose the BOPIS option and select their preferred pickup location. Once the order is placed, the customer receives a confirmation with details such as the pickup location, estimated pickup time, and any additional instructions. At the designated store, customers can collect their purchases from a dedicated pickup counter or designated area, usually located near the entrance.

Tips to Improve BOPIS Experience:

To enhance the BOPIS experience and provide customers with a seamless journey, retailers can implement the following strategies:

  1. Real-Time Inventory Visibility: Ensure accurate and up-to-date inventory information to prevent disappointment and offer customers visibility into product availability.
  2. Personalized Offers and Content: Provide customized offers and discounts to incentivize additional purchases and strengthen customer engagement.
  3. Customize Online, Pick Up In-Store (COPUS): Offer customers the option to personalize their products online and have them ready for pickup, further enhancing the overall experience.
  4. Geolocation and Mobile Apps: Utilize geolocation technology and mobile apps to send relevant offers or notifications to customers when they are near the store, promoting engagement and encouraging pickup.

What Does Customer Expect from Amazon BOPIS?

Customers have specific expectations when it comes to the Amazon BOPIS experience. These expectations include:

  1. Assurance of Product Availability: Customers expect that the items they purchase online will be readily available for pickup at the designated store.
  2. Convenience and Time Savings: BOPIS customers seek a streamlined process that allows them to save time by avoiding shipping wait times and eliminating the need to browse in-store.
  3. 24/7 Access to Product Information: Customers expect access to comprehensive product information, including specifications, reviews, and recommendations, enabling informed purchase decisions.
  4. Immediate Product Inspection: BOPIS customers appreciate the ability to see and inspect merchandise before taking it home, ensuring their satisfaction with the purchase.

Benefits of Amazon BOPIS:

Amazon BOPIS offers numerous benefits for both retailers and customers:

  1. Increased In-Store Purchases: BOPIS drives more foot traffic to physical stores, leading to increased opportunities for additional purchases beyond the original online order.
  2. Operational Cost Reduction: By leveraging existing store infrastructure and inventory, retailers can reduce operational costs associated with shipping and warehousing.
  3. Competitive Edge Against Online Retailers: BOPIS enables physical retailers to compete effectively against e-commerce giants by offering a unique and convenient shopping experience.
  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Providing a seamless BOPIS experience enhances customer satisfaction, strengthens brand loyalty, and fosters long-term customer relationships.


Amazon BOPIS, or buy online, pick up in-store, is a game-changer in the retail industry. By combining the convenience of online shopping with the speed and immediacy of in-store pickup, Amazon has revolutionized the way customers shop. With real-time inventory visibility, personalized offers, and a focus on meeting customer expectations, BOPIS offers a win-win situation for both retailers and consumers. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, embracing BOPIS is crucial for retailers to remain competitive and provide a seamless shopping experience in the digital age.

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