Amazon BOPIS Integration By Sellenvo Mutlichannel Sales Platform

Amazon BOPIS Integration

Amazon BOPIS Integration is achievable by many platforms since Amazon introduced Amazon Local Selling, which incorporates the concept of BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store). The Amazon Local Selling program allows customers to make purchases from local sellers who utilize their own delivery services for order fulfillment. BOPIS, on the other hand, enables customers to place orders on Amazon’s platform and then collect the items directly from the local store or warehouse of the respective seller.

In this tutorial from Pickup Amazon, we try to cover Amazon BOPIS Integration and assist you in comprehending and efficiently managing your BOPIS orders using the SellEnvo platform, one of the most popular multichannel sales platforms.

Through SellEnvo’s BOPIS feature, sellers can list their products on Amazon’s store and facilitate customers to personally pick up their purchases from the seller’s physical location. Once an Amazon customer places a BOPIS order, SellEnvo will promptly notify the seller through an API, prompting their associates to promptly select, package, and reserve the product. This process ensures accurate inventory availability and creates a positive in-store pickup experience for the customer.”

How to Create an Amazon BOPIS Store in SellEnvo?

To create an Amazon BOPIS Store in SellEnvo, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to integrations > sales channels.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Channels > Amazon Settings.

  3. A window will pop up, Click on the BOPIS icon in the upper right-hand corner of the panel.

  4. Open the newly created store from the grid.
  5. When creating a BOPIS store, we click on the Amazon store and create a store, but if it is in the drop-down list, the required storage is selected
  6. Now we go to the settings or configurations of this store on Amazon, and when you click on it, the following will be filled in:
    • In the General panel, add the Alias, phone number, primary contact email, address, city, state, country, zip code, and other general details.

    • Operating hours, which means the working hours of the store, and the following appears in it:(Timezone, Days)

    • Handling time is the time the seller needs to process the order.

    • Inventory hold period, after the order is prepared and waited for hours and days (which are specified in the Handing Time option) and is not received, it will be canceled and refunded.

    • As for “Download Amazon Stores”, it is in case you need to download the existing data of the stores.

    • Go to “inventory” and then click on “sales channels inventory”

    • The list that appears to us is the warehouse associated with the corresponding store in BOPIS

    • Then select “channel” from the dropdown menu and BOPIS.

    • Then we click on “Update inventory settings” for one of them.

    • BOPIS inventory settings will appear to us and we will specify its data.

Manage BOPIS Products and Orders

Through the BOPIS APIs, SellEnvo allows you to manage store setup, store-level inventory, and order status updates (ready-for-pickup and picked-up).

Integration Options for BOPIS

SellEnvo offers a variety of integration options for BOPIS, including the ability to:

  • Create and update shipping templates with in-store pickup enabled
  • List products
  • Associate items with stores
  • Create stores
  • Update store-level inventory
  • Update inventory by store
  • Retrieve new order details
  • Provide order pickup signals to Amazon
  • Provide order status updates to Amazon using API

In this tutorial, we covered Amazon BOPIS Integration. SellEnvo’s Amazon BOPIS Order Management Manual helps sellers understand and efficiently manage their BOPIS orders using SellEnvo’s platform. By following the instructions outlined in this manual, sellers can take advantage of the BOPIS feature and provide a positive in-store pickup experience for their customers. Additionally, SellEnvo’s platform offers a variety

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